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Environmental initiatives

Global warming due to CO2 emissions, destruction of the ozone layer, and depletion of energy resources are just some of the environmental issues that make us feel our daily lives are threatened and that have people around the world calling for measures to protect the Earth. In Japan, too, problems such as dioxin, chemical substances, soil contamination, and waste disposal have led to the establishment of new laws and regulations as well as the promotion of recycling and other activities intended to increase recirculation of resources in our communities.

We at Kyoho understand the importance of proactively addressing environmental issues and bear them in mind throughout the planning of all our activities. Our 1997 Environmental Activities Program saw the inception of waste reduction and energy conservation activities that eventually culminated in acquisition of ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification at each of our facilities in January 1999. Even now, we continue to promote these initiatives as we spiral up the proper operation and oversight of our environmental management system.

As a member of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Consolidated Environmental Management group, we make every effort to publicize the Toyota Earth Charter and reduce the environmental impact on the community.

We at Kyoho are convinced that environmental management is one of the most crucial issues that any business must face on an ongoing basis. We hope that the content of this report will both explain the concepts behind our environmental management activities and meet with your approval. And we always welcome your comments about those efforts, as well.

Yozo Ochi, President

The Kyoho Ecomark
Kyoho 2020 Environmental Report Environment Report PDF

Environmental policies

I will establish an environmental policy in response to our management philosophy of "Considering the natural environment, complying with the law and its spirit, and contributing to the development of society through corporate activities rooted in the community."

  • We set targets for the environment required by the earth and regions, and in order to achieve them, in all business activities such as parts and parts production, equipment design and manufacturing, always consider the environmental impact and carry out management to act accordingly.
    At the same time, we will continuously improve our environmental management system.
  • In addition to complying with the environmental laws and regulations set by the national and local governments, we also comply with the requirements agreed by our company and our subsidiaries, share the environmental issues of our suppliers, and promote support for environmental conservation.
  • Recognizing that the basis of environmental conservation is to take measures against the source, we will actively and continuously work to reduce environmental impact factors, such as reducing the use of resources and energy.
  • Each employee recognizes the environmental impact of their work and will carry out voluntary activities with awareness and responsibility for environmental protection.
  • We value communication with the local community and actively participate in local environmental protection activities and coexistence activities with nature.

August 17th, 2020
Hideo Fukuoka,
Environmental manager

Environmental policies

Health initiatives

Creation of Health Management Declaration

《Aiming to create a company where all the employee can work cheerfully, healthily and lively》

Kyoho Machine Works, Ltd. considers employee health maintenance & promotion, creation of a bright company and making healthy people as an important management task. We are now focusing on the following four points as well as regular health check-ups based on laws and regulations, and active health guidance to employees based on common recognition that "health is the wishes not only of employees, but also of their family and workplace members."

  • ① Implementation of stress checks to prevent mental illness, enhancement of care by various workshops and counselors
  • ② Implementation of improvement guidance on eating habits and active support for exercise habits to prevent lifestyle diseases
  • ③ Promotion of smoke-free aiming to prevent passive smoking and promotion of activities to reduce smoking rate
  • ④ Promotion of working way reform to realize "work life balance" of each employee

Furthermore, we have formulated the "Kyoho Machine Works, Ltd. Health Management Declaration" for the purpose of strongly promoting health maintenance improvement activities. We will continue to work on creating a company that enables all employees to work brightly, healthily and vividly in the future and to create healthy people.

Kyoho Machine Works, Ltd. Health Management Declaration

We regard the maintenance and promotion of health of employees who are assets of the company, and the creation of a bright workplace as important management tasks.

  • We are committed to creating a comfortable workplace where employees are healthy in both mind and body and able to work healthy and lively. We will work actively with individuals' voluntary health maintenance and promotion activities in collaboration with the health insurance union, aiming for the health in mind and body of the employees and comfortable workplace environment.
  • The health of each employee is a wish of a family member as well as a workplace colleague. So, I believe creating a workplace where employees are able to work vigorously and energetically can become a vitality of them and create products that are pleasing to customers, and will eventually lead to a social contribution.

I hereby declare that we will work on "creating people and company where employees can work brightly and healthy".

June 22th, 2020
Yozo Ochi