Product information

Equipments and devices

High-output electrical servo units (300 or 500 kN output)

Direct drive type electrical servo unit

A compact, high-rigidity, high-precision servo unit was realized by developing of a direct-drive configuration. In addition to reducing primary power consumption by regenerating energy, the use of multi-polar motors and a skewed magnetic field can minimize fluctuation in output force.

Servo unit

KT/KV series

Capable of controlling up to four axes, this single controller unit can be sued for multi-axle press fittings, slides, and other multi-axle operations. The display unit features an integrated teaching box that permits review of insertion wave forms.
There are five models, offering output from 10 to 75 kN.
The high-speed KV series uses a hollow motor to achieve long strokes. Our varied product lineup enables you to choose a model that fits your application perfectly.

Controller specifications

Items Specification
Number of programs 100 programs
Insertion axes Up to four
PLC connection Serial I/O
Data storage Memory card
Output accuracy ±2%
Position/thrust output Individual output of position and thrust
Positioning precision ±0.01
Range of thrust output 10–1,000 kN
Settings device General-purpose touch panel (with waveform display)
Display color 8.4”color TFT

Actuator specification

  Max. force
output in kN
Normal force
output in kN
Maximum speed
in mm/s
KT10 10 5 175
KT20 20 10 250
KT30 30 15 210
KT45 45 30 300
KT75 75 50 250
KT300 300 150 200
KV10 10 5 500
KV30 30 15 500
500 Toku 500 260 200

Equipment utilizing servo units

Engine part press fitting machine

Realize a diagonal press fitting by the high-rigidity of press fitting unit.
1/2 space saving is realized by functional compactification through diagonal layout of devices.
Kyoho's KT controller unit for press fitting control can manage the wave pattern.

Powder forming equipment

The use of vertical-axis synchronization enables a precision not available from hydraulically controlled units. Forming precision is realized by vertical-axis synchronization which is unavailable by hydraulic.
This compact unit is operated by servo units.

Automation equipment

Transmission assembly

Two processes for meshing and assembly of gears are consolidated in a single unit.
The gear assembly process is operated per a torque limiter and 3D linear interpolation.

Engine parts assembly

This single unit consolidates press fitting, tightening to torque, stamping and allocation supply.
Equipment compactification realized by numerical control of the parts picking process and the application of slide jigs.